Rest for the Weary Coeus User

For many of our loyal readers, the bane of their existence is exporting data from COEUS (our internal routing system) into an Excel spreadsheet for the purposes of generating reports.  Not surprisingly, given (1) the number of proposals that flow through our school, and (2) Microsoft’s spotless operational record for their products, this relatively simple desire for data collection has regularly driven people to fits of despair.  That is, until now.

Hello, we’re you’re friendly neighborhood ORA, and we’re about to make your life significantly easier.  Thanks to recent updates to COEUS, you can now perform this task without ever having to utilize any of Bill Gates’ creations.

Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) allow you to generate many types of reports that can provide departments with detailed information of award and submission history. Of particular note is the Investigator History Report, which is a comprehensive document showing the full body of work by the selected PI, including all active awards, as well as pending, terminated and withdrawn applications. The report is a valuable tool when meeting with your faculty, as it provides the full picture of funding for a particular PI.

Besides investigatory history, BIRT can currently produce 3 additional reports:

Active awards – For all investigators in your school, department, center, etc

Pending Proposals – Submitted but not yet funded

Awards By Start Date – Search based on date range

BIRT also gives you the opportunity to report any data errors to your research administration office and sponsored shared services divisions, who then can go in and edit the record directly within COEUS.  And our crack COEUS team members are considering additional report modules as we speak that would be added to those already available.

Though its existence has been a well-kept secret, BIRT reporting is one of the many valuable resources at your disposal, and should be considered part of your reporting regimen. To better learn how to run these reports, log into COEUS, look for “report” on the tool bar and select “BIRT User Guide” on the drop down menu.