Sheldon’s Fun-day Friday

To cam or not to cam… why is this even a question?!

My subjects here at ORA have mentioned the possibility of installing a live feed or “nanny cam” in my condo. I realize that my popularity has reached a new level at this very suggestion, but I am quite torn over the decision to broadcast my entire life on the internet.

The Pro-Camera Argument

1.            I am way more interesting than most things broadcast on the internet. Did you know the Atlanta zoo keeps a 24 hour panda cam?!  That’s ridiculous!  Panda’s hide 90% of the day and are not actually nice in real life. Try to take some bamboo away from that guy and see how cuddly he is!

Give the people what they want. Obviously my outfit selection is more interesting than a panda’s entire week. Case in point Halloween:

2.            My stardom would only grow and I could get my own reality show. Let’s be honest, that’s everyone’s goal, right?  I really want an Animal Planet special, too.

The Anti-Camera Argument

1.            I really do love my privacy and don’t want to feel the pressure to entertain people 24 hours a day. As it is, right now I spend at least half of my day entertaining the office subjects, and any more than that is just too much. Too much stress is bad for the shell.

2.            My plans would be foiled. Sometimes I spend all night digging out of the condo and draining the ink from my subjects’ printer cartridges.

3.            Have you SEEN what people post on the web?!  Check this out from an NCURA conference:


SERIOUSLY?! What if I dance like that and it comes out on the internet!! I’ll never live it down, and my life is significantly longer than yours!

Ultimately, it’s no contest: No camera for me. I’m going to save the world a YouTube sensation and let them focus on important things, like Kim Kardashian’s pending divorce.