Communication in the Technology Age

Communication is key; ask anyone, especially anyone in a service-oriented office like ours. In this information hungry world, the average person texts, IMs, tweets and posts more than they spend handling a pen. However, most of the today’s workforce probably spent more time learning how to properly form a cursive E than how to craft an electronic message.  Emails have all but replaced “snail mail,” but formatting acceptable for an email is different than that used by Grandma to send you your birthday money.

Despite the pervasiveness of emails as the primary form of communication,  it’s surprising the number of messages overlooked or misrouted because they don’t accurately communicate the substance and importance of their contents.  Below, we’ve posted a video prepared by NCURA that includes some helpful hints and guidelines for more effective emailing.  Yes, it might evoke a “Well, duh!” here and there, but by watching the video and implementing these tips yourself, you’ll be helping to streamline your work efforts moving forward.