NIH Deadline Extension

An issue in eRA Commons is delaying the visibility of the grant application image by one business day for Signing Officials (SOs) and Administrative Officials (AOs). Principal Investigators (the Contact PI on an application) and their delegated assistants are able to view the application image immediately.

To ensure that application institutions have the full opportunity to review submitted applications before they move on for further processing, NIH has extended the deadline by one business day for all funding opportunities that require electronic submission that have due dates that fall on or between today, Tuesday, October 25, and Friday, October 28, 2011.

Please check the NIH Guide Notice NOT-OD-12-008 for a list of the NIH opportunities for which deadlines have been extended by one business day.

NIH is assuring everyone that there is no problem in the submission process itself or the application data. It is only the visibility of the application image that is delayed for SOs and AOs.

Note that those affected by this delay will still have two days to check their application image in Commons per the normal submission process.

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