Sheldon’s Fun-day Friday

Hi Everyone! If you’ve been perusing the ORA twitter and facebook you’ve met me. I’m Sheldon, the ORA office pet and now weekly blogger. Since, until now, I have lived rent free in my aquarium condo with a killer patio and an all-you-can-eat fruit buffet, it has been decided that I start earning my keep. Every Friday I will be posting to celebrate another great week here at the ORA. This week though I think it’s best to focus on the most important part of our office, me.

Name: Sheldon The Turtle

Sex: debatable, general consensus of non tortoise experts is male

Age: 13 (or whatever age turtles hit the teenage rebellious phase)

Hometown: Baltimore, MD as of March 2011. before then it’s a toss up.

Fruit of the week: Cantaloupe

Number of times I try to escape: 10 a week

Times escaped successfully: 2 ever

What do you do once you escape: I nap. Napping is awesome.

Favorite thing to do: play hide and seek. I’m a great hider, I’m a little too lazy to find people.

Goal in life: to get past the front door.