NIH Updates

As one of the many resources recently created by NIH through ERA Commons, “x-Train” allows grantees to prepare and submit both their PHS-416 Termination Notices and PHS 2271 Statements of Appointments electronically.  Here is a link to the User Guide, but one important thing to remember is that the referenced Business Official (BO) is your grants associate.  As per the guidelines, this is the only individual who can officially submit these two forms to the Agency, and only then after the finance office has confirmed the final dates and stipend levels.


So far, we’ve found that x-Train makes for a more streamlined workflow, but we’re always interested to learn of any suggestions or bugs.  So, what have been your experiences using the system?  Are there any glitches that are causing particular concern?  Please feel free to leave your comments, and we will address them as best as possible.